Warding off DDoS Attacks with Anti-DDoS — Part 1: Understanding Denial of Service

Identifying DDoS Attacks

Sluggish service is the main symptom of a DDoS attack. This could also happen from genuine traffic, but if you come across sudden spikes in traffic and slowdown of services, further investigation is required. Some of the identifying factors for a DDoS attack are listed below:

  • Single resource clog or single website page pings
  • Similar user profiles generating massive traffic
  • Single IP address range generating massive traffic

DDoS Attack Principles

Alibaba Cloud Anti-DDoS mitigates potential security threats by implementing smart algorithms to analyze genuine traffic surges and work against real DDoS attacks.

  • The DDoS agent program is installed on multiple computers
  • The master program initiates an attack by commanding all agent programs
  • Within seconds, all the agent programs are activated and start eating the network resources to deny service

DDoS-Related Risks

An enterprise runs on business continuity. If you don’t deal with DDoS attacks immediately or use tools, such as Alibaba Cloud Anti-DDoS Pro, you are subject to these risks:

Types of DDoS Attacks

Application Layer Attack

Methods — HTTP GET, HTTP POST, and HTTP flood

Transport Layer DDoS Attacks

Methods — UDP flood, SYN flood, ACK flood, and RST flood

Network Layer DDoS

Methods — Connection exhaustion attacks, LOIC and HOIC, SlowLoris, Low and Slow attacks, PyLoris, and XOIC

Packet and DNS DDoS Attacks

Methods — DNS request flood, Query Flood, Response flood, server attacks (local and authoritative)

Wrapping Up

DDoS affects distributed systems by stressing one or more resources until the entire system becomes inoperable due to incomprehensible load situations. Alibaba Cloud has developed the Anti-DDoS service to mitigate and ward-off these kinds of attacks. Alibaba Cloud offers a unique integration experience throughout the entire lineup of products and solutions that include ECS, server load balancer, and Alibaba Cloud VPC. With these products and solutions, you can easily keep DDoS attacks at bay.

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