Web+: Alibaba Cloud’s Web App Service (Part 2)

Supported Regions

Insights from a Developer’s Perspective

Open-Source Application | Web+ | Alibaba Cloud

  • Integration of CI/CD
  • Association with industry-leading tools, like SLB
  • All managed with the PAAS platform

Mobile Applications | Web+ | Alibaba Cloud

  • Support for multiple languages
  • Support for Infrastructure as Code (IAC)
  • Integration of CI/CD
  • Easy distribution of resource description files for management
  • Seamless deployment environment cloning with configuration templates
  • On-demand resources orchestration like ECS
  • Support for CLI tool
  • On-demand and quick creation of deployment environment during critical phases like testing and final deployment
  • Monitoring tools
  • Scalable resource control

Monitoring | O&M | Web+ | Alibaba Cloud

Continuing in Part 3

  1. We will take a look at the environment and discuss the deployment scenarios and strategies applicable to Web+.
  2. We will show you how to configure a deployment environment using Web+ on Alibaba Cloud.
  3. We will discuss different aspects of development environments and resource usage based on your requirements.
  4. We will show you how to deploy a Jenkins with a Web App Service.
  5. We will use the command line interface for deployment.
  6. We will show you how to deploy an application.

Next in Line

  1. Web+ — The Web App Service: Part 3 | On Alibaba Cloud
  2. API Gateway — An Introduction

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