Web Hosting Clouders from the Alibaba Cloud Academy

By Alibaba Cloud Academy

No matter what your online needs may be, Alibaba Cloud has a web hosting solution fit for your business. For e-commerce websites, we offer a Simple Application Server that can easily be used with third party web applications such as Magento or OpenCart to improve the look and user experience of your e-business. Static websites, which are suitable for businesses looking to build a site for customers in China, are best built with our Object Storage Service as we provide simple domain name resolution and ICP registration. Finally, for customers looking for a fully customizable option, we recommend using the Elastic Computing Service along with other Cloud tools to build a dynamic website that you can make your own. All of these options are discussed in detail through Alibaba Cloud Academy’s Online Certification courses: take a class, get certified, and build a next generation website today!

Check out the new Web Hosting Online Courses from Alibaba Cloud Academy!

Learn more by visiting edu.alibabacloud.com/certification and navigating to Technical Certifications > Cloud Computing > Web Hosting

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