What is Alibaba Cloud Community Reputation Scheme

This article explains to our community members how Alibaba Cloud Community reputation system works. Our community’s goal is to provide developers and cloud enthusiasts with the latest cloud computing trends, developer knowledge base articles, how-to articles, product updates. A community is defined by its members and we aim to provide the platform for our members to interact and learn from each other. To create trust among our community we have put a reputation management system in place.

How Does Alibaba Cloud Community Reputation Work?

Your Community reputation is based on your behavior on our blog, whereby certain activities are rewarded with reputation points. The most important activities are reading, commenting, and contributing. By being an active community member, you collect points and get a reputation that helps to build your credibility and leadership within our community.

How Can I Collect Points and Build My Reputation?

First of all, we distinguish between two types of users:

  1. General user
  2. Subject matter expert

You will be rewarded with a certain number of points for each activity, depending on your type of activity and the type of user you are, whereby a subject matter expert is rewarded with a higher number of points. The reason for that is because subject matter experts have proven themselves by contributing valuable knowledge and insights to our community and therefore are rewarded by continuously sharing this expertise.

Below you find an overview of the different type of activities and the corresponding points for general users and subject matter experts.

Type of ActivityPoints for General UserPoints for Subject Matter ExpertLimitsCompleting personal profile+25+35First time login+10+10Login to account+1+13 times / dayUser followed you+8+12Post a blog+50+7510 blogs / dayDelete your own blog-40–60Your blog deleted by admin-60–85Comment on a blog (=>500 characters)+5+810 comments / dayComment on a blog (<500 characters)+3+510 comments / dayComment deleted by admin-8–12Your blog is liked by someone else+5+820 favorites / dayLike someone else’s bog+2+210 likes / day

What Are the Reputation Levels and the Points Associated to Each Level?

In our community, we distinguish six different levels ranging from “Newbie”, someone new to our community to “Guru”, a seasoned and well-respected professional that has made many contributions and has a following within our community. In the table below you’ll find the different reputation levels and points associated with them:

ReputationPoint RangeNewbie0–99Enthusiast100–499Contributor500–999Expert1000–1799Master1800 and above

How Do I Become a Subject Matter Expert?

You can apply to become a subject matter expert if you possess demonstrable expertise in a specific cloud topic or field and have made contributions to our community in that field by posting blogs. You can contact the Alibaba Cloud editorial team at community [AT] list.alibaba-inc.com if you meet the following requirements:

  1. Minimum of 5 blogs written on a subject


Minimum of 10 followers

Please provide evidence of the above by sharing the blog URLs and your account name. Note that the final decision is on our editorial’s team discretion, whereby the quality of your writing will also be taken into consideration.

Get Recognized and Rewardewd for your contributions now! Let’s continue to grow Alibaba Cloud community together!

Alibaba Cloud Community Team


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