What Rendering Scheme Does Alibaba Need for 2020’s Double 11 Shopping Festival?


Adaptive Hydration Rendering

Snapshot Rendering

Server-Side Rendering

-----------compare renderToString----------
React(16.12.0)#renderToString x 1,664 ops/sec ±1.40% (84 runs sampled)
Rax(1.0.13)#renderToString x 13,411 ops/sec ±1.05% (85 runs sampled)
Preact(10.0.5)#renderToString x 1,237 ops/sec ±2.18% (84 runs sampled)
Xtpl(3.4.2)#renderFile x 11,335 ops/sec ±8.17% (69 runs sampled)
The benchmark was run on:
PLATFORM: Darwin 17.5.0
CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-7660U CPU @ 2.50GHz
NODE VERSION: v10.11.0

Native-Side Rendering

Personalized Rendering

Original Source:



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