What You Should Know about Data Consistency Checks

Offline or Online, Pre-check or Post-check

  • Pre-checks are a highly business-coupled consistency check method, which horizontally inserts check code into the business system code, similar to aspect-oriented programming (AOP). The current operation is blocked once a problem is found.
  • Pre-checks are time-efficient and ensure the correctness of each data record. However, due to the high degree of business coupling, pre-checks are prone to serious problems, such as poor check code performance or incorrect error handling. This may directly affect operations and business activities.

Real-World Cases of Data Consistency Checks

Case 1: Membership System

  1. Inconsistent data must be handled as soon as possible on the day when it is discovered.
  2. Alerts must be triggered when inconsistent data is discovered.
  3. The system must support models for different fields.
  4. Operations must be called with a certain degree of latency to allow the downstream system to recheck data after completing all processes.
  5. Reconciliation cannot depend on METAQ messages because these messages may be lost or out of order when buyers become members or cancel their membership.

Case 2: Migration from Old to New Databases

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