What’s New in MaxCompute 2.0?

TPCx-BB Benchmark Test

Evolution of MaxCompute 2.0

New SQL Features in MaxCompute 2.0

SQL optimization includes the optimization of compilers and support for complex data types. The overall work focuses on improving usability and development efficiency, improving compatibility, and reducing migration costs, to optimize SQL from a developer’s perspective.

Unstructured Data on MaxCompute 2.0

MaxCompute Studio 2.8

Because Alibaba is developing computing engines, it can offer many new features to MaxCompute Studio. MaxCompute Studio was released very quickly as an integrated development environment (IDE) that is customized for MaxCompute and based on the IntelliJ platform.

Data Security on MaxCompute

Data security is always a top priority because cloud computing depends on security. From a product manager’s perspective, any trace of security issues must have top priority to be resolved, and data security is as important as their lives. On April 27, Hadoop Yarn encountered a security vulnerability. Cloud Shield, a very powerful security department in Alibaba, gave them a lot of security advice. Since Alibaba Cloud MaxCompute began to run on the public cloud long ago, no data security incidents have occurred.


We looked at TPCx-BB, a standard for measuring the computing power of big data, and the excellent performance of MaxCompute 2.0 in BigBench. We also described in detail the latest developments of MaxCompute to help you fully understand MaxCompute 2.0. With regards to data security, which is of great concern to public cloud users, Alibaba has implemented the logical isolation/resource isolation/operation isolation mechanism to guarantee data security and realize secure data exchange and sharing.



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