Why Cainiao’s Special and How Its Elastic Scheduling System Works

How Elastic Scheduling Makes for Better Efficiency

Before we get into how elastic scheduling works at Cainiao, let’s look at how the overall resource usage of Cainiao is not always so cost efficient.

Why Elastic Scheduling Works So Well at Cainiao

Now, although elastic scheduling can produce some great results for Cainiao, it is not necessarily suitable to all companies and organizations. So, why does elastic scheduling work so well for Cainiao anyway? Well, we think it comes down to these reasons:

Why Cainiao Is Special

Now, let’s discuss why we think Cainiao is rather special, and how it’s different from other similar products and systems. Many teams at Alibaba Group have developed elastic scheduling products for certain business domains, and some public cloud service providers in the industry also provide elastic scaling services. So then, what are the differences between the elastic scheduling system of Cainiao and those of its counterparts in terms of challenges and product ideas?

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