Why Public Cloud is Not a Security Concern

Security Types and Approaches in the Cloud

The phrase “IT Security” is just a way to start the conversation, because “security” is a blanket term for a class of technologies and practices. The technologies are:

Security is Part of Public Cloud Hosts’ Business

For cloud providers, security is part of the service they provide. Customers expect their public cloud provider to put deliberate effort into preventing attacks, responding quickly if one happens, and staying ahead of modern types of hacks.

Polarized Concerns

There are two areas where security concerns can garner some attention.

You are in Control of Your Cloud

When you move workloads to the public cloud, you maintain control. There are a number of steps you can take to enhance security, such as the following:


IT organizations gain a lot by offloading a large portion of their security concerns to public cloud providers. They get to focus more on strategy and policy creation, which are not only higher- value activities, but are also more fun for most. In addition, organizations today may gain better overall security by relying on the advanced security tools that cloud providers offer instead of in-house technologies that are difficult to manage and may not be ideally suited for the deployment environments that they support.



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