Why SSDs Matter for Application Development

SSDs Enable Frequent Builds

Modern DevOps teams work at a pace that more traditional teams would call frantic. Builds have become micro-sized and they’re more frequent as team members commit code all through the day.

SSDs Better Align QA with Dev

With DevOps, testing has become more aligned with development and happens earlier in the development pipeline. Tests are equally fragmented to reflect the change in development. In addition, containers have made testing more consistent, as QA teams can test the exact same containers used in development environments. This means no more configuration drift and better team dynamics.

SSDs Help Create Environments Faster

The ability to quickly create new environments is a necessity. This is true for Dev as well as QA. They need to be able to easily and quickly create new dev and test environments to support the pace of work. Test environments need to be destroyed after test runs and results need to be stored persistently — and containers have made this possible. What it once took to spin up and fully configure a VM now takes mere seconds, thanks to Docker. Because they’re much more lightweight than VMs, containers enable higher server density and require much less storage per instance.

SSDs Help Reduce Storage Costs

A prime concern for IT teams is optimizing the costs of running development and testing environments. Containers help by increasing server density and requiring lesser storage. One misconception IT teams may have, however, is that traditional hard disks are more economical than SSDs when it comes to application development. It’s true that SSDs seem like a big investment if you look at the price per GB of storage. But that’s a primitive and misleading way to assess real long-term costs. The biggest hidden cost when using hard disks is sacrificing all the benefits discussed above. Slower performance of dev and QA environments means less agility and less innovation. Products are released slower and what gets released isn’t the best your organization can deliver.



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