Why Switch to Alibaba Cloud? Seven Excellent Reasons from Our Customers

Reason #1: A Cost-Effective Solution

International airline Garuda Indonesia currently operates 202 aircraft and more than 600 flights every day. The company realized cost savings of more than 60% when it migrated its core operational applications to Alibaba Cloud

Reason #2: Established Industry Solutions

Alibaba Cloud is an established cloud provider with a comprehensive suite of cloud-based solutions. Our Global Network operates in 67 availability zones in 22 regions around the world. We are the #1 cloud service provider in Asia Pacific and in China and ranked #3 in the world.

Reason #3: World-Class Provider with Strong Local Presence

While Alibaba Cloud is a global cloud provider, we also have a strong local presence in multiple markets. Indonesia is no exception. We have local data centers located in Jakarta and local partners, to help us seamlessly migrate our customers to the cloud and meet compliance requirements.

Reason #4: Data security and compliance

Data security and protection are key challenges and the comprehensive range of Alibaba Cloud Security Solutions provide businesses with a robust set of cybersecurity measures.

Reason #5: Fast Migration

If you want to migrate to the cloud, you want minimal disruption to your business. At Alibaba Cloud, we have a proven track record in this space thanks to our comprehensive Migration Service.

Reason #6: Improved Network Latency

Your network capabilities are strongly tied to your end user experience and wider business. Without a robust network, your organization could struggle to thrive and survive in today’s competitive online markets.

Reason #7: Innovation Available on Demand

Alibaba Cloud is an industry leader and continues to push its own business models to achieve the best results for its customers.

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