Youku’s Digital Practice in the Supply Chain of Long Video Content

The Production Process and Industry Characteristics of Traditional Films and TV Shows

The Challenges of Content Delivery from Youku’s Perspective

  1. Content evaluation relies heavily on the human experience and lacks a structured and systematic evaluation system.
  2. The production information is not online, and the project data is not collected in a unified manner, making it difficult to ensure the project progress.
  3. The platform lacks a unified content strategy that can be used consistently.

The Digital Supply Chain System of Content

  1. Establish a structured evaluation system to realize the accurate evaluation of content production in the whole cycle.
  2. Establish an information production management mechanism to strictly control the quality and progress of content output.
  3. Build a unified content strategy mechanism to achieve supply and demand matching.

The Construction Process of the Content Supply Chain System

  1. Score a single element or multiple elements by using the rule engine
  2. Understand the script and video through AI technologies, such as CV, NLP, and multi-modal fusion
  1. By calculating the reserve for long-term content, the reserving policy can predict the content supply and demand for the next 1 to 2 years.
  2. Through internal broadcasting and external broadcasting, the broadcasting policy can give a warning of a lack of video content and predict the supply and demand in a short period.

Summary and Prospects

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