Zero-Trust Security — Part 2: Getting Started with Zero-Trust Security

Technology Usage With Zero-Trust Security Architecture

Implementing Zero-Trust Security

Implementing a Zero-Trust Security Practice Step-by-Step

  • Assess your system to identify which areas need the most security measures. This should include the types of applications, the access zones, and the cross-communication between cloud resources.
  • Use analytics to filter out breach ratios and segment the zones
  • Separate and define more prominent access roles based on the minimum required access policy
  • Train security professionals for O&M
  • Strategize a zero-trust network policy based on data and transaction flow
  • Mapping your application information flow will help you enable a more-refined approach for implementing security
  • Build a zero-trust practice by design
  • Create rules and policies for granting access to users, devices, and applications
  • Closely monitor the network and setup observability

What to Expect

A Pinch of Familiarity

  • The zero-trust security model does not allow the assignment of multiple roles and permissions for a single subject (user, device, or application.)
  • The zero-trust model applies the basic principles of role-based access control and a single source of authentication or authorization for all.
  • The inclusion of user and entity behavior analytics enables the zero-trust security model to implement a certain control structure by analyzing the behavior of a user, system, or device to understand and differentiate between normal and abnormal patterns.
  • It separates sensitive data (or systems) and enables special access protocols by implementing solutions, such as Alibaba Cloud Sensitive Data Discovery and Protection (SDDP).
  • The zero-trust security model also implements an attribute-based authentication mechanism that includes multi-factor authentication, biometric access, application-based access, and certificates.

In the End — What Matters?

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